Tuesday, April 4, 2017

The Merciful Acts of God

God is so amazing!!! On today’s Shalom Morning Prayer, I spoke on the merciful acts of God. Unknowing to us, God sent a woman to join the prayer. She listened for a while and then hung up, but called in again later. At the end of the prayer, I usually ask new callers their first name and location. When I heard her voice, I noticed a distress and the LORD God told me she needed deliverance and the deliverance should be done by Sister Gifty. As I listened to her praying, the LORD told me to coach her in the deliverance. As I did, Sister Gifty was very humble, willing and obedient to EVERY instruction and the woman was set TOTALLY free in Christ Jesus’ mighty name. As I thought about today’s prayer, the LORD said He demonstrated His merciful acts by setting the woman TOTALLY free. Isn’t God good!!! You don’t want to miss this prayer. So be sure to listen. Shalom †

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