Monday, February 27, 2017

Bestiality on the Rise!!!

I was scrolling down my Facebook wall and came across a very disturbing subtle video. In the video is a young girl and her cat. Now just looking at it through your physical eyes, one would say it’s cute. But looking at it through your spiritual eyes, it’s disturbing. Disturbing because the cat is demonized and the young girl. In the video, the young girl is slightly sitting up and the cat is on her right side. It gently take its paw and touch her face to move it in front of him. Each time the young girl will tell the cat to stop, but the cat continued until it turned the young girl’s face toward it and then placed its mouth to her mouth and held it there as though it was a man. Dear hearts, this is bestiality and spirit husband. There are MANY people owning pets and treat them as though they are human beings. Secretly, MANY are doing such acts. Deliverance is needed in Christ Jesus’ mighty name on the animal and the owner. Selah †

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