Wednesday, December 21, 2016

King of Lust and Hell Queen of Succubus

After watching our video, a YouTube Viewer asked that their testimony be shared. TAKE WARNING!

“Hi Everyone, I would like to share my recent struggles with the Succubus spirits. In January-February 2015, I was suffering from the same nightly attacks as the ones described above because I chose to give in to sin. Before I proceed forward, I want to make a point. There are people in this world who believe it is God's fault that we are in this predicament. GOD DID NOTHING WRONG. It is US men and women who sin. God did not tell us to glance at a woman or man, think lustfully, or lust at all (the Bible calls this sin covetousness). We make the choice the sin. Anyway, back to my story, I was letting these things violate the temple of the Holy Ghost. I went through an intense period of deliverance and was freed from these spirits. However, not even a month later, I ran into troubles with these spirits again. I ran into a dangerous situation because I KNEW lust was a sin. Hebrews 10:26 directly states that if anyone of us sins willfully, there would be absolutely NO blood left to wash that sin away. In other words, BLASPHEMY. The reason why I am still alive today was because I was in an addiction and I truly needed help from the Holy Ghost. I came so close to death each time I let these spirits violate me again throughout 2015. These demons were literally waiting for me to curse God so that they would have another temple for Satan to have. I am going ahead here. I ran into trouble after my first deliverance because I let multiple succubus violate me through choice, masturbation, and entertainment of thoughts of sin. This time around, I thought these demons were angels of light. We must remember that ANY demon can say, "I am an angel.”, or, "I am Jesus." They can do that. I thought I was with an angel of light and deceived into lust. This went on in secrecy for almost a year until the end of January 2016. Then one day, I became severely convicted in the spirit because of my depravity. I felt utterly horrible. So I confessed my sins of lust and went through full-blown tears. I am currently going through the correction for my sins. I do thank God for chastising me and exposing my evil heart. There was one thing the Lord left on my mind . . . TO NEVER EVER DO IT AGAIN. He specifically stated that I cannot let these things violate His temple without resisting them. He said that the next time this happens that I would be judged according to Hebrews 10:26. In other words, I would be immediately damned to Hell forever without any remedy because I KNOW this sin of lust is wrong. I can never ever let this incident happen again or else I would be put to spiritual death according to the laws of the Old Testament and New Testament. God is a God not to be messed with. He is to be praised throughout all heavens. There is one thing I want to say. If any of you have any secrets, confess them because God will one day review our lives from birth to death and will judge accordingly. IF YOU KNOW A SIN IS WRONG, DO NOT DO IT!! I AM TELLING YOU HEBREWS 10:26 IS NO JOKE. PEOPLE HAVE LITERALLY DIED SPIRITUALLY AND PHYSICALLY BY BLASPHEMING HIS HOLY GHOST. TEST IF MY TESTIMONY IS TRUE. SEEK GOD'S COUNSEL ACCORDING TO 1 JOHN 4:1-3 GOD BLESS YOU ALL AND I WISH THIS TESTIMONY HELPS SOMEONE. In addition to the type of lust spirits I attracted through my sin not only included succubus but two demons named Lilith and Behemoth. Behemoth is the chief demon in Hell representing the king of Lust (any lust). It is mentioned in Job 40:15-24. Let the Holy Ghost lead you when reading these Scriptures from the KJV. The other one is mentioned in the Scriptures when God has any warning against the sin of lust in Proverbs 7, 1 Kings 11, 2 Kings 17, Romans 1, and many other Scriptures. Lilith answers to Behemoth as like a rank just below Behemoth. Behemoth answers to Lucifer. When I attracted these two entities, I had to step up the game in the Name of Jesus Christ because I had attracted a King of Hell and a Princess of Hell (Hell Queen of Succubus). I really had a tough time during my correction period because they would (along with the regular Succubus) cause me sleep troubles, nightmares, and constant mental, spiritual, and physical temptations. I had to really depend on Christ during this perilous time. Today, I still have a lust struggle, but it is not as bad as it was two months ago. Test my spirits and ask God if what I said is true. Do not trust me or depend on any man. Trust Jesus Christ first.” The testimony above originated about February-March 2016.”

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