Friday, December 16, 2016

Katrenia's Deliverance from Spirit Husband and Spirit Child

I’m learning more and more in the things of God. As long as we live, we should be learning more of God because His wisdom and ways are infinite. The Holy Spirit is teaching me to hear His Voice and to know His way of doing things. The Scripture tells us about His gifts which are His ways of manifesting Himself as He wills. Since the LORD God has me ministering to His dear children over the phone, the Holy Spirit chooses to manifest Himself in the gift of discerning of spirits, the word of wisdom and the word of knowledge. I understand what these gifts are so that makes me a good candidate for the Holy Spirit to use me in these areas as He wills. Therefore, the training in the School of the Spirit has begun. Yesterday in a deliverance session with a young woman from California, I kept spiritually sensing the presence of an 8 year old little girl. I thought she had a child or grandchild that age and when I asked her she said no. Regardless of the question I asked her, she did not know an 8 year old little girl. This thing puzzled me because I knew I was spiritually sensing the presence of an 8 year old little girl. So I continued in her session and started praying FIRE prayers. Again even as I was praying FIRE prayers, I still spiritually sensed the presence of an 8 year old little girl. Then Satan began whispering to me that I had missed God and I was leaning on my own thoughts. He kept saying these words in hopes of weakening my faith in God so that the woman would not be delivered. I ignored him and continued the FIRE prayers. As I obeyed the LORD in continuing the FIRE prayers, I clearly heard the LORD say, “She was in a relationship eight years ago.” Immediately after hearing what the LORD told me, I knew what happened. So after the woman’s deliverance, I asked if she was in a relationship specifically eight years ago. Immediately without any hesitation she shouted yes. I also asked her whether it was sexual in which she replied yes and that was the man only interest in her. It was then I told her that even though she did not bare a physical child during that unlawful act, she birthed a spirit child-a little girl-and it followed her EVERYWHERE she went. After telling her these things, she then remembered talking to a person and telling them that she believe she has a spirit child. Dear hearts; be aware, you just may have a spirit child following you, too. Get delivered and stay delivered in Christ Jesus’ mighty name. Selah.

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  1. Replies
    1. Satan is not The Creator and he copies EVERYTHING God does. God made human man and woman and gave them the ability (or power) to have children. This is a gift given only to the human race. Since Satan is a counterfeiter and defiant to God, he use his power (or ability) to make demons take the appearance of a man, woman or child. Just as a man have sex with his wife and a child is made, Satan also make demons to look like children as human beings engage in sex outside of marriage. This is the reason why human beings often see children in their dreams calling them mama or daddy. They are spirit children which are demons posing as children because of sexual sin. Selah.