Friday, December 9, 2016

Angela's Deliverance from Spirit Husband Again

Angela called our Deliverance Conference Line last year and was TOTALLY delivered from EVERY spirit not of the Holy Spirit. As always, the LORD gives the person conditions to abide by in order to keep and maintain their deliverance. It’s up to the person to DO as He commands. But Angela allowed the demon spirit loneliness to talk her into letting it back into her. Even though the Holy Spirit warned her, she continued to ignore Him. By doing so, Angela not only opened the door to demon spirit loneliness, but to spirit husband, spirit adultery, spirit fornication, spirit stubbornness, spirit drunkenness, spirit debauchery which is partying and MANY more. Truly as the LORD said, her latter state was worse than her former. Be warned dear hearts, don’t turn your back on the LORD. Tune in and listen as the Holy Spirit talks to you and sets Angela TOTALLY free once again in Christ Jesus’ mighty name. Selah †

LIVE Call-In Deliverance Sessions EVERY Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday at 2:00 pm (EST) at 641-715-0700 and enter access code 311761. Internationals; for details, visit To simply listen, call 716-748-0762 or via web. Shalom.

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