Monday, November 28, 2016

Susan's Deliverance from False Gods

Susan was first delivered through our programs months ago. As Christ Jesus says, demons must leave as commanded by His servant, but they'll wait for opportune times in returning. That's why it is important that we submit ourselves to God and then we'll be able to resist the devil and he will run from us. But when we don't stay submitted to God, they will return with seven others more wickedly than themselves. After Susan's deliverance, she was given an opportunity on her job to travel to Asia in which she visited Taoist Temples. Tune in and listen to the Holy Spirit talk to you as He talks and delivers Susan once again from unclean spirits. Selah †

Evangelist King hosts call-in deliverance sessions EVERY Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday at 2:00 pm (EST). To request a session, call the Deliverance Conference Line # 712-775-7031 and enter access code 335950. Internationals; for details, visit ALL CALLS/SESSIONS ARE PUBLIC, RECORDED AND SHARED ON ALL OUR PROGRAMS. Shalom.

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