Monday, November 28, 2016

Spirit Husband's Subtle Return in Charlene

Sister Charlene was graciously delivered from spirit husband, witchcraft and snakes two months ago. After her deliverance, the LORD God gave her specific instructions in maintaining her deliverance. One instruction was that she did not accept her ex-husband's return unless he first returned to Him and then get delivered from spirit wife. Satan knew Charlene's weakness which was her desire for her ex-husband's return. Dear hearts, listen to Charlene's testimony and deliverance session and you'll see one of Satan's subtle ways in which he return in a person who had been set free. Just as the Deliverer says, the person's latter state is worse than their former. Charlene's first session can be heard at Be warned ladies and gentlemen! Let us put NO ONE above God! Selah †

Evangelist King hosts call-in deliverance sessions EVERY Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday at 2:00 pm (EST). To request a session, call the Deliverance Conference Line # 712-775-7031 and enter access code 335950. Internationals; for details, visit ALL CALLS/SESSIONS ARE PUBLIC, RECORDED AND SHARED ON ALL OUR PROGRAMS. Shalom.

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