Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Sister Ava's Deliverance from Spirit Man and Witchcraft

Sister Ava moved from state to state trying to escape the men that were raping and following her. She told the matter to family and friends and they laughed at her. They thought she was crazy and lost her mind. But the rape and torture continued wherever she went. Finally, she realized the matter was spiritual and she asked the LORD God to deliver her. God led her to our Shalom Morning Prayer program in which as I prayed after the brief teaching of the Word, the LORD told me she needed deliverance. I then relayed the message to her and she shouted for joy because for four years she had been believing that the LORD would set her TOTALLY free from her tormentors. I then told her to call in on today’s Call-In Deliverance Sessions and she agreed. In her deliverance session as I was praying a special prayer for her, demon spirit man manifested and told me to shut up. It did not like what I was asking the Heavenly Father to do for her. According to her, they tormented her so bad that it left scratch marks all over her body including her face. Leaving her so unattractive that no human man would ever want her. So I asked the LORD to restore her beauty and when I did, the demon manifested. Be sure to listen to hear my response and see God's beauty in setting Ava totally free in Christ Jesus’ mighty name. Dear hearts; be warned! Stay away from psychics, fortune tellers, horoscopes, witch doctors and such like! Their cost is actually your soul! Selah †

LIVE Call-In Deliverance Sessions EVERY Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday at 2:00 pm (EST) at 641-715-0700 and enter access code 311761. Internationals; for details, visit To simply listen, call 716-748-0762 or via web. Shalom.

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