Monday, November 28, 2016

Battle of Armageddon

Do you know that Satan and his demons have made plans for those who served him on earth and died serving him for the battle of Armageddon?  Once I done a deliverance on a young man in a foreign country. He was delivered from MANY sexual demons including bestiality. He confessed that his parents were witches and warlocks, but he chose to serve Jesus Christ.  After his amazing deliverance, the LORD God gave him specific instructions as to maintaining his deliverance.  The LORD asked him to give up his video collections in which he created demonic videos and games and shared them all on his YouTube Channel.  For his channel is VERY popular.  He had to destroy such games, videos and remove the channel.  On the next day, I received a lengthy email message. Upon reading it, such fear came from it and I then realized who it was that sent it.  It was a demon and the demon was outlining to me its plans for the young man in the battle of Armageddon. I than asked the LORD how that demon re-entered the young man.  The LORD said, "He was unwilling to give up his video games and remove the channel." Dear hearts, I was shocked to read such an email and it opened my eyes to truly see that one day we'll either be included among the LORD's army or Satan's army in the battle of Armageddon.  Be warned!  The choice is ours while we're still living on earth. Selah †

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