Monday, November 28, 2016

Barbara's Deliverance from Spirit Man

Barbara went to sleep and when she awakened, she saw a huge thing in the form of a man sitting on her husband's side of the bed. Days before this happened, the LORD God led her to my programs in which she didn't believe she had a spirit husband. But after she saw this man, she knew who it was and called me. When she called, from the very beginning of our conversation, I heard myself in the background echoing. This sound usually appears whenever the caller put me on speaker phone or they may be listening to me on another device as I'm ministering to them. Nevertheless, it can be ignoring and distraction. So I told the caller to remove me off speaker in which she did, but I continued to hear myself echoing. After a while, I then realized it was the works of spirit husband. So I asked the LORD God to help me to ignore the distraction. Usually whenever a person calls and have problems with their phone line; after their deliverance, the phone line clears up. But in her case, it did not. The echoing still continued and then I realized the root of the problem stemmed from the head of the house. Later that day, I thought about that situation and the LORD told me to listen to the recording. Dear hearts, when I listened to the recording, I noticed the echoing could not be heard. Barbara couldn't hear it until after she was delivered. Be sure to listen because the LORD God wants to set you TOTALLY free as He did His servant Barbara. Selah †

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